Sakina Salem

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Sakina Salem — Graphic designer at Code For Africa
Sakina Salem — Graphic designer at Code For Africa

Hello, My name is Sakina Salem and I am a graphic designer from Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. I work as a data visualisation designer at Code For Africa (CFA), an organisation that empowers citizens with actionable information using media and technology.

I would like to use this platform to present the challenges…

Chart from
Sigma awards, Best Data Visualisation award and 3rd Prize for Outstanding investigative reporting.

I am proud to have contributed to two projects that have been honoured with awards this year. Sucked Dry by InfoNile and Neglected and Unmapped by Tonye Bakare.

I particularly enjoy designing long-form articles and love the outcome. Not only is it an aesthetic way to tell a story but…

Shedding light on pie charts and how to use them correctly

In the ultimate comparison showdown, bar charts clearly defeat pie charts. So why do we still use pies?

Title design by Sakina Salem

When I was training to be a graphic designer, I had never thought that in only a couple of years I would be creating data visualisations for Code for Africa and Pesacheck. The job called for skills in Adobe CC but I had taken journalism and statistics as electives in…

Sakina Salem

Data visualisation & graphic designer at Code For Africa — Portfolio:

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